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  • How many seasons are there and how long do they run?
    We offer winter, summer, fall seasons. Each season is 12 weeks long.
  • What time and where do CYBL programs run?
    Locations: Both of our program run inside of Barrie Free Methodist Church (284 Cundles Road East). Locations are subject to change and each registered parent will be notified ahead of time. Time: Both of our programs run on Friday nights. Our skills training program runs from 5-6pm. Our house league has games and practices scheduled from 6:30-10pm (Each game is an hour long and first game also has a 30 minute practice from 6:30-7pm).
  • How old does my child have to be to register?
    We accept players from ages 12-18 in our house league. At the beginning of every season we have a 'Draft Combine' where we access every player based on their skill level and place them on teams accordingly. This helps us create a fun and competitive environment for all!
  • What kind of league is CYBL?
    Our league has a vision to see youth empowered with mentorship, discover who God is, while playing basketball! We look to create a fun environment where youth all skill levels can come, compete, develop their skills, all while growing to know who God is!
  • Our family is not Christian or does not attend Church regularly, are we still able to register in the league?
    Absolutely! Our league is open to any participants who love basketball and regular church attendance is not a pre-requisite. We are a Christian Faith Based Organization and our values and teachings come from the Bible. What sets us apart from other basketball leagues is our 10-minute halftime Huddle (a short Bible based devotional) that is delivered by one of our coaches or volunteers, followed by a prayer. We focus on teaching Integrity, Character and Life Skills through the greatest game on earth, Basketball!
  • Are Jerseys provided?
    Yes, Jerseys are included in the cost of house league registration.
  • What is the Refund Policy?
    Prior to the start of a program if a participant withdraws from a registered program or requests a refund more than 2 weeks before its start date, a refund will be processed upon request, there will be a $20 CAD processing fee. If a participant withdraws from a registered program 2 weeks or less from its start date, no refund will be provided.
  • Is the league open to boys and girls?
    Yes, we are co-ed league opened to both boys and girls. Though our league is currently predominantly boys.
  • I really want my child to join but can't afford it, what can I do?
    First, try applying for the Jumpstart individual child grant and if you don't qualify you may then apply for our grant. You will be placed on a waiting list for our grant. This grant will reduce the cost of our league by 50% provided by one of our sponsors.

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